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videoWhat happened was that I was — my bottom teeth were grinding against my top teeth. So what he did was, he went ahead and he redid my top teeth to where they’re in a different position than they were before. I don’t have as much of the wear on the bottom teeth. Also with some of my molars, they were not meeting correctly, and so what he did is he cosmetically helped to make them meet correctly so that I have a better grinding surface. It helps with my, as far as any kind of TMJ problems that I had had before, and also it helps with my eating. You know because I eat a lot of foods that have a lot of texture to them. So yeah, it really helps with the eating. – Anita K.


videoMostly, what he’s done would be taking X-rays, number one, and extracted some teeth. One was a partial that was discarded about three years ago, and I had to have an extraction from one of the teeth that kept the partial in. I had a tooth that was infected. It feels better than it did the day before. I’m impressed. He’s been in the business for a number of years. He’s from the Midwest. He has a good personality, and he communicates what I feel like is very good. He eliminates a lot of the fears and stuff like that. Makes you feel comfortable and like he’s spent some time doing it. – Claude C.


videoI had an infection down in my gums, and I’d been to other dentists quite a few times. I had partials. They kept trying to save these few teeth, and work around it, when actually there was an infection under there. Dr. Airey finally told me that those teeth need to be coming out. I was afraid because I knew I needed something to hang on to. Everybody said if you get partials, or if you get a full plate, they’ll never see it, but when he finally got the infection cleaned out, I got four pegs in my gum. This is wonderful.
I should have done it years and years ago. I tell him, I know they don’t like it, but I like to chew chewing gum. Now I can chew chewing gum and blow bubbles. I hadn’t done that in years. That was really exciting for me. My mouth doesn’t hurt anymore. My mouth hurt all the time for a long time. I’d get it well, and it would come right back. I haven’t had any trouble with my mouth now for probably a year. No sores. They helped me when I was in the process of leaving a job and my insurance was running out. They worked with me with my payment plan and made sure that I didn’t have to stay in pain because I didn’t have the money right away. That was very important to me. – Debbie S.


videoHe did my implants. When I was growing up, I just … You know, when you go to the dentist, they would pull your teeth out, so I had to get back teeth. I didn’t have any.
It was just hard to chew, and you didn’t want to smile because all you would see would be gums.
I really like my teeth that he did for me. I can bite a good apple now, and I can chew a good steak. It’s very good. You can really taste it better.
Then I recommended one of my friends to come here because she kept telling me, “You have beautiful teeth. Where did you get them?” I said, “Well, I would recommend you to go to my dentist, Dr. Airey.” – Janice E.


videoHe has done a number of crowns. I’m not even sure how many. Two today maybe half a dozen before. Recently, I don’t know what I did, but I chipped them right between the two teeth, so I came here to have it taken care of. I came in this morning, and they removed the old crowns and took the impressions and then manufactured the replacements and placed them in my mouth. Did all the adjustments and whatever. Then made me a new night guard to protect them so that if I grind my teeth or something in my sleep like a lot of people do, that it wouldn’t cause pressure and, perhaps, cause a problem where I could damage the new ones.
I’m very happy with it. What I was especially happy with is the fact that I would dare someone that wasn’t in the office today to tell me which teeth are my new crowns because they have a real eye for the shading and whatever here, the cosmetic dentistry, and so they match my other teeth. You don’t get that kind of results in every dental practice, unfortunately. Otherwise, I wouldn’t come 1,100 miles to the dentist. – Kay A.


videoI like coming here because it’s the best dentist’s office I’ve ever been to in my life. I have worked for dentists for years, and I compare Dr. Airey to all the other dentists I’ve been to, to the dentists that I worked for, and they all come up lacking. He is experienced, pays strict attention to detail, which is important. He doesn’t miss a thing in your mouth, and while he’s talking to you and working on you, it’s soothing. It’s not like going to the dentist’s office for me. Root canal was not bad at all, and I used to have them where I dreaded them. It was like giving birth again. It was awful. No, he did a root canal a few years ago. I didn’t feel any pain. He knows how to make that meaningful to you. I sort of dreaded it, but while he was doing it, it was nothing. It was wonderful, really. – Virginia E.


videoI guess the first implant I had, it was a crown that had loosened itself, and it just broke loose. I came in, ostensibly to have the crown fixed, and the X-ray revealed that it needed an implant. He extracted the bottom part of that crown and provided me with an implant. That was done three or four times with other teeth. I’m going to have another implant probably on the front. What really appealed to me is when you come in with something as major as an implant, when you come in and you stay here a few hours, when you leave, it’s finished. I couldn’t believe that. He has the equipment here, and he makes the implant. On his crowns, he has a machine that I’ve watched with fascination that will actually make the tooth or the crown, and you sit there and you watch it and in twenty minutes it’s done. I think he says they bake it to hardened, and it just fits in place, and you walk out, and you feel like you haven’t been to the dentist office, and you have a new crown. I don’t like to say it’s a pleasure to go to a dentist, but I’ve always found it a pleasure to come here. I’d say he’s the finest dentist I’ve ever had. – Wilfred E.


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